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We would like to introduce our Malaysian Traditional Kuih Bakar (Bakes Cakes) product to be marketed in commercialize around the world


Furthermore, the company also has its own product that will be commercial like cakes traditionally kuih bakar (baked cake) that is also known as bingka pandan (pandan bingka) and kuih tart nenas (pineapple tart biscuits).


As they know, most of these traditional cakes will not last long and will expire in 2 days or few weeks. But in our product has such a modern technology in this era, we were able to maintain a longer expiry date and the quality of traditional cakes, this way we can sell this product to hotels and supermarkets throughout Malaysia, including with modern technology we are able to market this product out of the country and also promote the product items Malaysia.


With the studies and research on traditional cakes, we find that natural products such as kuih bakar (baked cakes) executable in any place was no exception at the Ramadan bazaar, restaurants, stores cakes, official ceremonies, gatherings, ceremonies weddings, hotels, booking individuals as well as the international airport.

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